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Shereen provides a Luxury Beauty Service, with a Positive Beauty Experience to all of her very special Brides.  From the moment you submit an inquiry, you can expect nothing, but First Class treatment from this Beauty Professional! 


As a wife, Shereen understands the stress that comes with planning a wedding, and she is fully invested in the relationship with each of her Brides.  If you are a Bride-to-Be, looking for a Positive Beauty Experience, Book your Trial & Consultation Today!   

Shereen's love for makeup began in 2011 when she was diagnosed with adult acne.  She decided to cover up the acne with makeup, but slowly realized that makeup was more than just a "cover-up"; it was a self-esteem booster, more like a tool to enhance the beauty that was already there.  Over time, with a proper skin regimen, Shereen's acne and skin cleared up, but her love for makeup grew. She began to study the art of makeup and realized she had been spiritually called into the beauty industry.  Since then, she has been enhancing the beauty of women's faces with her natural gift.

At Shereen B. Makeup Artistry, you can trust that your natural beauty will only be enhanced.



Luxury Bridal Makeup service, catering to the bride in every way, on her special day & Makeup techniques that will enhance your beauty for any event. 


Shereen provides her clients with various types of Beauty Services, catered to each client.  Please inform her on your current beauty needs. 

Foundation Smudges

"...Thank you so much for doing my makeup.  You did a wonderful job... Stayed on throughout the night.  You are a professional and made my makeup look so natural."

| M. Johnson |


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